Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway

2219 Broadway


Upper West Side's Newest Destination

Title at Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway

In addition to beautifully pre-built office spaces in an ideal location, Moonstone has also been furnished with the latest in tech amenities. High-speed fiber optics, smartphone security systems, and turnkey cloud implementation, to name a few. And best of all, it’s all ready to go on day one. Making your move as seamless as possible

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of the Upper West Side in New York City, the VTS Commons stands tall as a revolutionary architectural masterpiece and a thriving hub of innovation.

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Unique features:

  • Contemporary design and sustainability

  • Rooftop Gardens and Terrace: Green spaces not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building but also provide residents with private outdoor areas, offering a retreat from the urban hustle and bustle.

  • Smart Building Technologies: Integration with VTS Activate to bring cutting-edge technologies for enhanced tenant experience, security, and convenience.

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Rentable Area
5,000 sf
Total floors
Year Built
Year Renovated

Explore the exquisite fusion of form and function in this architectural masterpiece in the most sought-after Upper West Side!

From innovative structural features to artistic detailing, discover how every aspect of Optima Tower has been meticulously crafted to create a harmonious and inspiring environment for residents and visitors alike.

Welcome to a space where architecture becomes an art, seamlessly blending beauty with purpose.

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<p class="text-size-header-32" textalign="left"><span class="text-size-header-32">Where Central Park meets the Hudson River</span></p> at Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway
<p class="text-size-header-48" textalign="center" style="text-align: center"><span class="text-size-header-48">The Hub of Business and Technology</span></p> at Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway
  • Flexible Workstations: open collaboration areas or private workstations.

  • Smart Technology Integration:

    modern visual and audio technology seamlessly integrated for efficient communication and virtual meetings.

  • Wellness-Centric Design: t

    houghtful design elements promoting tenant well-being, including ergonomic furniture, natural light, and green spaces.

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<p class="text-size-header-32"><strong>Vibrant and Innovative</strong></p> at Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway
24/7 access
Bike storage
Common area WiFi
Communal lobby space
Communal outdoor space
Communal roof access
Conference center
Key card building entry
Lobby attendant
Parking garage
Pets allowed
LEED platinum Certified
WiredScore platinum Certified

Modern Amenities

Flexible Layouts

Prime Location

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Listing - Entire 2nd Floor - Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway

Entire 2nd Floor

1,200 sf challenged direct
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Listing - Entire 3rd Floor - Optima Towers - 2219 Broadway

Entire 3rd Floor

3,000 sf pre-existing direct
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